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30 Days of Gratitude Through Pictures: Day Three – PLACE

Today’s picture is supposed to be of a place that I am thankful for, but I couldn’t decide on one place.  

I started out at the girl cubs’ school, then home, then the mall, then Walmart, then home, then back to the girl cubs’ school, then Cub 1’s school, then Cub 2’s school, then America’s Best for Cub 1’s eye exam, then Little Caesar’s (dinner of champions), then HOME!  See?  I visited plenty of places today!  I decided to scroll through my camera roll and share the most recent picture of me at a place.  Here are the pics:

We are getting ready for family pictures and the boy cubs needed gray tops.  Since, they weren’t with me, I took pictures of all the gray possibilities at Rue21.  It’s one of their favorite places to shop.  So, it’s official – the place I’m grateful for today is Rue21 for making life easier when shopping for the boy cubs!

Momma Bear