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Good Eats!

I can’t remember where I first saw this meme, but it’s so true.

It’s not just a Baptist church, it’s a Baptist church with gifted cooks who make it SO hard to say no to their yummy dishes and desserts! One of my church mothers will sometimes bring a bag full of cookies, brownies, or other heavenly baked goodies to share with her church daughters. Since I’ve been absent for three months, when we returned to church last Sunday, she sent Poppa Bear (PB) and I home with this:

Oh yes! My church sisters were not very happy to hear that this whole, beautiful cake came home with me, but I boldly claim my “First Lady” privileges when it comes to food!

So what’s it like being married to a preacher man? The FOOD!!! When our church family blesses us with food, Oh. My. Goodness! PB can come home six hours later than expected, but if he comes home with food from our church family, all is forgiven!

~Married to a preacher man

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