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Fridays for Family

Our first Sunday back at church after three months and three nights of revival has us worn out! Dinner was pizza and wings (easy clean up), then we all settled into our bedroom for family movie night. I didn’t make it through the whole movie.

So, what’s it like being married to a preacher man? You have to choose one day as sacred family time. For us, that’s Friday nights. Poppa Bear (PB) is off on Fridays, so once the cubs are home from school, we get to exhale from the week’s activities and prepare for the busy weekend. Everyone gets into their pajamas and grabs blankets and pillows. Then, we spend the next hour trying to decide on a movie! Sometimes, we never decide on a movie, but we’re all together. Sometimes, PB and I sleep through the movie, but we’re all together. Sometimes, none of us make it through the movie, but we’re all together! Sacred family time…it’s not always perfect, but we’re all together.

~married to a preacher man

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