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Joy and Sorrow

Sunday’s service was awesome! Poppa Bear preached his face off, so my spiritual high lasted well into my nap time. After picking the girl cubs up from a sleepover, we looked forward to spending a quiet, relaxing evening at home. Right at the moment of the first good snore, we received a heartbreaking phone call that changed the course of the evening. PB had to leave to be with a family at a hospital. Soon after returning home, there was yet another heartbreaking phone call. Life for some of our church family changed in a matter of minutes.

So, what’s it like being married to a preacher man? I sometimes have to keep secrets. Well, let’s not call them secrets. I have to “hold information” either for a period of time or forever. That’s difficult for a number of reasons. I may “hold” the details of an upcoming sermon series that I’m really excited about, however I have to wait for the launch day. Or, I may “hold” heartbreaking news and have to pretend that all is well until the news is made public. It’s a burden and a blessing. A burden because carrying so much “held” information can be overwhelming, however the blessing comes from learning to take the opportunity to get a jumpstart on praying for and through some situations before they overwhelm me. Running to Jesus first is always the best thing!

~ Married to a preacher man

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