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Celebrate Good Times

We are invited to a lot of activities. Unfortunately, we can’t get to all of them. Sometimes that’s due to no babysitter if the cubs are not invited. Sometimes we have our own family activities going on. One of our rules is that if multiple activities are happening at the same time, we don’t do any at all instead of picking or choosing which to attend. Recently, we were invited to a 90th birthday party for a member of the church. First, we were surprised that the invite was for all six of us considering the venue. That’s rare!! After double-checking with the family of the birthday girl, she did indeed want all six of us to attend!

Since we were familiar with the location of the party, we knew that a certain dress code would be expected…one that our cubs would not be happy about. When we told them that we were going to a party, they were excited! When we told them they had to wear church clothes, their mood changed real quick. To add to their misery, we made them wear their church clothes to church school. We have church school on Saturday mornings, and they would NEVER wear church clothes on a Saturday. You would’ve thought we had said we were cancelling Christmas!

Well, they got over it. They didn’t really have a choice.

So, what’s it like being married to a preacher man? Getting our cubs to step outside of their norm is torturous sometimes. We told them who the party was for, the delicious food they were going to have for lunch, other people (including kids) who were going to be there, but it didn’t matter until we arrived.

Only then, did they see that their attire blended in with everyone else there.

They had their own place cards with their individual names on them, so they felt important.

We had a few quick reminders of which fork to eat with first and how to sit in a chair when we wear a dress.

Then there was the food! They LOVED the food (as we had expected). They even wanted to take the dinner rolls of the couple who was late arriving to the table! Cub 2 had at least three slices of chocolate cake.

Best of all, we had a great time celebrating with the birthday girl!

~ Married to a preacher man

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