What Type of Tree Are You? Afterthought…

The field trip was a success!  I came home to find PB napping on the couch.  After rowing about 40 kindergarten kids (in groups of 5) in row boats most of the day, I’d be napping too!  He’s definitely earned a nice massage from me.  Here’s Cub 3 with a wooden charm that reads “Trees are Terrific” from her first field trip today.


Keep Going! Afterthought…

I feel just awful about rebelling against our new schools’ supply lists.  We went out this morning to get our cubs registered for school and encountered the most friendly and helpful office staff and teachers!  There were three different families there that all decided to register at the same time, and they were the ones doing all of the apologizing!  At this point, I would buy whatever they asked because they were so kind!  I’m looking forward to a great school year!

Sloppy Work Afterthought…

Obviously, we accomplished more on my To Do list, it just didn’t all happen in one day. The laundry and packing were wrapped up the next morning. The prescriptions for Cub 4 were not filled until we returned from vacation. She did have a few tubes of asthma medicine left, and that got us through the week. Also, I should mention that PB was very helpful in trying to assist me with my To-Do list. He was still limited in what he could do after surgery. We were still able to leave after church on Sunday as planned! Praise The Lord!

Just NOT Listening!! Afterthought…

PB worked late last night at the church, and came home later than usual (and extremely tired). So, I didn’t have a chance to tell him about my fun-filled evening. The next morning, I did ask him about Cub 4’s jeans and as I had suspected, he took her to school just like the picture! He didn’t realize that she had written on her legs until after reading my post! It’s just another sign that we are too busy! Cub 4’s teachers probably thought nothing of it since they often expect that sort of thing from Dads. In the past, they’ve always commented on how they can tell when I’ve dressed them compared to when PB has dressed them!

The Specifics Afterthought…

PB has earned his Husband of the Year Award. I got my new Nikon D3100 camera for Christmas!! Not only did he get me a new camera with two lenses. He also gave me photography lessons, so that I learn to use it properly and understand all of its features! Now, I can catch all of the action shots that the cubs may throw my way! I love my PB!

My new Nikon goes everywhere we go!

Well-Equipped Afterthought…

This is Erin:

She doesn’t always dress this way! I took this on Book Character Day at school! She was Athena!

These are Erin’s Originals:

Erin is a music teacher, but she is also a great “warm blanket maker.” You’re guaranteed to get an Erin’s Original if you are expecting a baby and you work at Malcolm (I have two!). I also ended up with one through a gift exchange during one holiday season. The Party of Six LOVE these blankets!

Thanks Erin!

Happy October! Afterthought…

Little did I know how much “cherish the moment” would mean on the exact day that this post was scheduled to publish. We received an early morning phone call (which always make me jumpy) that a sweet and faithful servant at First Baptist had passed away unexpectantly reminding me to never take for granted that things will always be a certain way. Rest in peace, Mrs. M.G.! You will be missed!

Wow, God! Afterthought…

Jamie had a successful surgery! Thank you all so much for your prayers! She has weeks and weeks of taking it easy ahead of her, which I know is going to be difficult for her, but the results will make it all worth it!

Cub 3 is Three Afterthought…

One of the neat things about WordPress that I enjoy is being able to say when and what time I would like to publish a post. I had Cub 3’s post scheduled to post on the date and time that she was born – July 31st at 1:30pm. Surprisingly, my neice was born on Cub 3’s birthday! Not a “first” in our family. I was born on my sister’s third birthday. Now, her daughter has been born on my daughter’s third birthday! I love it!

Struggling to Let Go Afterthought…

The crib has been taken down and is back in the garage until we call for a bulk pick-up. I tried to convince PB that we could save it for our grandkids, but he reminded me that we want to retire to a condo on the beach so we won’t have room for a crib! Therefore, I’ve officially said good-bye to the infant stage!

Weak Stomach? Don’t Read Afterthought…

There was nothing we could really do about Cub 4 eating her poop. We washed her mouth out with soap and water. After that, it was just a waiting game to see if she would end up with a viral infection or something. We found out that it could take up to two weeks to show up. We think we are home free!! Whew!!

So, YOU’RE Santa! Afterthought…

Everyone has been asking about my secret that I was bursting at the seams to tell. Well…my older sister, Jennifer (NOT me!), is pregnant again!! Yep, I have a new little niece or nephew on the way! The Wilson family continues to grow!

Inaugural Sunday Afterthought…

Last week, I took out a dress that I wanted PB to take to the cleaners along with some other things and I tossed it up on top of my jewelry armoire instead of hanging it up. So, tonight when I picked it up to hang back in the closet…there were Cub 3’s black dress shoes that we searched the house for on Sunday morning!! Still trying to figure out how or why I put them there!

Who You Representin’? Afterthought…

I tracked down the name of the book and author that talked about imagining a little girl following you around from my blog on November 29th. The name of the book is Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want it Their Way in Life, in Love and at Work by Nell Merlino. Here is the correct wording:

In bathrooms, boardrooms, buses, bagel shops, and everywhere else, we all need to imagine a little girl following us around, repeating everything we say, and everything we do. Think about all the things you want for yourself and your daughters, granddaughters, and girls everywhere – and teach them by living it yourself.

STUCK in the MUD Afterthoughts…

Still Toiling Under Counterfeit Knowledge (in the) Multiple Unceasing Distractions from Rev. Dr. Dbyii Thomas’s presentation at First Baptist Church-North Brentwood, Inc. Women’s Ministry Summit on Saturday, November 13, 2010.

To get out of the M.U.D. we must be willing to:

  1. Try life again.
  2. Get back up if you fall or fail.
  3. Trust God.
  4. Trust Yourself.
  5. Forgive others.
  6. Wipe the mud off your shoes, legs, heart, mind, etc.
  7. Take the first step(s).
  8. Believe you are special.

How to step out of the M.U.D.

  1. Untie yourself from the past – Rahab (Judges 2:1-6): “Was ain’t Is”
  2. Understand your present – Hannah (1 Samuel 1): We see God in the present. It’s not about who you are, it’s understanding where you are.
  3. Usurp your future – Woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25): Take it by force.
  4. Unlock your mind – Deborah (Judges 4): Think about what’s going right, not what’s wrong. If it’s on your plate, God wants you to deal with it.
  5. Undermine your REAL enemy – Jael (Judges 4)
  6. Unleash your potential – Woman at the well (John 4)

3 thoughts on “Afterthoughts

  1. Amen!! True food for our souls! Sounds like Cub 4 has more PB in her than MB…lol. They are all so precious…gifts from God!!

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