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Happy Last Day of 2015!

One of the things that I like about blogging with WordPress is that they always send out a report at the end of each year about your blog page.  It’s really a bunch of stats about how many people visited the page, who commented the most, and even what part of the world readers are viewing from.  My favorite part is seeing the top five most viewed blog posts of the year.  I like going back to read about what was happening in our family that triggered a new blog post.  I thought I’d share them again since so many of us are going to spend today reflecting on this past year.  So, here’s the top five most viewed posts from 2015.  Just click on the title to read it again, or trust that my short summary tells it all! 🙂

#5 – Walking Miracles – This was written shortly after our first real allergy scare with Cub 4.  It’s a reminder that we are wonderfully made by our Creator.

#4 – It’s The Little Things – This was part of my Bear in Mind: Cubisms series.  I shared about the little things we do that we may think go unnoticed may not be the case at all.

#3 – Forgiveness: Difficult, but Necessary – Last January we had a little surprise snow fall that caught everyone off guard including our school system officials.  I talked about the importance of apologizing, yet the question of whether or not an apology is necessary in order to forgive someone still needs some research.

#2 – Who’s The Boss? – This post was all about our dear Cub 3 and discipline.  As parents, we have to stick with it!  If you take yourself seriously, they will comply.

#1 – Great Might Be Greater – This post was centered around Cub 2’s audition and interview day last January.  He wanted to go to the Performing and Visual Arts magnet school program at the time and was very nervous about the outcome.

Thank you all SO much for always stopping by and reading about what’s going on in our Party of Six.  I am excited about the possibilities to come in 2016!!  God’s plans are always the best plans!

Momma Bear

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Don’t Hate. Appreciate!

“Who is all of this candy for?” asked Cub 1.

“It’s for Cub 4 to take to school with her tomorrow.” I replied.

A few minutes later…

“Can I have some of this candy in this box?” asked Cub 2.

“No, it’s for Cub 4 to take to school in case someone gives out treats to the class that she can’t eat.  She’ll be able to choose something out of her special treat box.” I replied.

A few minutes later, Cub 3 came down and saw the same box and had the same questions.  When I told her the purpose of the box she paused, then said in a whiny voice, “I don’t want all of the allergies that she has, but I wish I could have some treats like that for school, too!”

It was definitely not the response that PB and I thought Cub 3 would have.  I thought for sure there was going to be tears and a lot of “but, why’s” over it.  PB commended her for being so understanding and mature about why it was necessary for Cub 4 to have a box of all her favorite sweet treats.

Cub 3 almost got a little jealous of Cub 4’s treat box, but she took a second to remember why Cub 4 needs a treat box in the first place, and she chose instead to appreciate the fact that she didn’t have the food allergies that Cub 4 has to deal with.

Let’s admit it, blog family.  We can all get a little touch of hater-itis every once in a while.  We know that it’s not just kids who deal with the jealousy issue, right?  We want to hate on those who seem to be more blessed than us.  Their blessings just seem to be on display and they keep talking about it and just rubbing it all in our faces about how God has blessed them!  How dare they share their testimony of God’s goodness with us!  May I suggest that you ask them to tell you more about their story?  Yes, it may look like they are flaunting their blessings, but give them a chance to tell you what they had to do to get there.  More than likely there is a story of struggle or tragedy behind their blessing that just might end up blessing you!  Let’s not jump to our own conclusions.

When I bought all of Cub 4’s goodies, all of it couldn’t fit into the container, so there were leftover sweet treats for all of us to enjoy after dinner that night!  God has enough blessings to go around for all of us!  Don’t hate.  Appreciate!

#NeverForget #NineEleven

Have a great weekend!