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We Did It!

Around this time last week, I was down on the Mall lawn in D.C. listening to the opening ceremony for the 2015 Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer.  

Can you see that sign?  It displays the amount of money we raised – $4.6 million+ to help families, hospitals, and other service organizations!  Our team, the Faith Walkers raised a little over $20,000 of that total number, and many of you reading this helped us meet our goal.

We began walking at 7:00 am from the National Monument, and 26 miles later, we arrived at Base Camp in Chevy Chase, MD.


There were rest stops every 2-3 miles for snacks, bathroom, and water breaks.  The crew of volunteers at the rest stops, riding bikes along the route, driving in vans, helping us cross at busy intersections, cheering us on, providing medical assistance…you name it; they pretty much did it, were THE best!

   When we arrived at Base Camp, we headed to the tent where we could get foot massages.  They offered us so much more, but I just didn’t have the energy to take advantage of it all!  I just wanted to get cleaned up, eat, and go to sleep.   So, after the foot massage, I grabbed a hot shower, ate a delicious dinner, and got settled into my home for the night.

Sleeping in a tent wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  That’s probably because I was exhausted after the long day and could’ve slept like a baby on an airplane runway if I had to that night!

The next morning, we were up bright and early for breakfast and back on the walking route to finish the remaining 13 miles.  Our team arrived back at the Monument by lunch time!


We hung around for the Closing Ceremony which was amazing! We celebrated finishing the Walk.  The crew members, the walkers, and breast cancer survivors were escorted in.  Here’s a picture of our two survivor team members (Vonetta and Pat).  


I cannot even begin to share everything that happened and all that we did in one blog post, so I’m sure there will be more later.  The whole experience was challenging, but rewarding – mentally, physically, and spiritually.  

Lastly, I want to thank EVERYONE who endured my nagging for donations through social media.  Thank you for giving your donations, providing snacks, your encouraging words, prayers, and well wishes to all of us!! Oh, and we’re doing it all over again next year!

Living for Him!

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This Forgiveness Thing Though…

Out of nowhere, one cub (offensive cub) hit another cub (defensive cub) in the face with a roll of birthday-themed wrapping paper (don’t ask).  It was supposed to be a fake hit, they said.

The defensive cub didn’t think it was an accident and pushed. In retaliation, the offensive cub punched.  I didn’t see it, but I heard it all.

Next, an angry, teary-eyed defensive cub came downstairs to tell me their version of what happened while the other angry offensive cub yelled their side from the top of the stairs.  Jesus, take the wheel!  Calgon, take me away!  Why do they save their best arguments for evenings when PB is not around? Where can I hide for the rest of the night?

Later that evening the offensive cub who did the hitting approached the defensive cub who was hit and asked for forgiveness.  The defensive cub responded, “I don’t know yet.” [That’s so me!]  Thankfully, before going to bed the defensive cub accepted the offensive cub’s apology and everyone went to bed in a good mood.

Forgiveness is a process. My cubs were able to work out their situation in one evening.  However, in other situations, it’s not as simple as asking, “Will you forgive me?” and the other person saying, “Yes, I forgive you.”  Everyone hugs, and all is well with the world!  Ummm…no!

1. Offering an apology indicates that you are not going to intentionally hurt that person in the same way again.  My offensive cub claimed it was an accident.  The swing of the wrapping paper roll was never supposed to actually make contact with the defensive cub’s face.  By apologizing, they were admitting to wrongdoing and promising not to hit their sibling in the face again with a roll of wrapping paper.  Will there be more opportunities for my cubs to apologize to one another? Of course!  We all sin and fall short.  The key word is “intentionally” here.  If offensive cub picks up the wrapping paper roll and whacks their sibling again, trust is broken and the apology no longer has meaning.  The apology never should have been given.

2. If you’re not over it, don’t accept the apology.  The defensive cub wasn’t over the hit yet.  Maybe their face was still hurting.  Maybe they were still trying to work out in their mind how best to retaliate.  Maybe they wanted their sibling to feel remorseful a little while longer.  Whatever the reason, I think it’s perfectly okay to take some time to work it out internally or you’ll end up failing at accepting the apology.  Just don’t spend too much time in this funky area because it’s not Christ-like.  We forgive because God forgives us.  It says so in Colossians, I think.

3. Once you accept the apology, let the matter GO!  If the defensive cub had accepted the offensive cub’s apology before getting over what happened, I guarantee it would’ve come up in a future argument.  That’s what happens when we say we accept an apology before we actually mean it.  You have to be ready to let it go.  You can’t bring it up again.  Ever.


We are less than two weeks away from the Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer!  I’m feeling sore, but excited!  I think our team is ready for the challenge.  I’ve been walking as much as possible – either outside or on a treadmill.  On Sunday, I walked my longest distance yet (20 miles) with some of my teammates.  I have to get in at least 14 more miles this week.  Here’s a picture of Team Faith Walkers.


We are having a great time together and looking forward to crushing this Walk!  To donate, go HERE.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers, words of encouragement, and monetary gifts!  We are so grateful for YOU!

Living for Him!

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Oh, Motivation! Where Art Thou?

It’s the first full day of spring break! Due to the number of snow days used in our county, the cubs lost one day of spring break.  We were the awful parents who took our cubs to school yesterday.  It was obvious after being in the car riders lane that many parents decided to stick with their spring break plans.  To make up for the grumblings we heard from our cubs about how many of their classmates were missing, how they didn’t do anything all day, and how they should’ve been able to stay at home, we surprised them with an outing to a nearby trampoline park to officially kick off their spring break week (minus one day).

Sweet treats waiting for the cubs when they got home from school (SkyZone tickets in the eggs!).


Cub 1 soaring above his siblings.


Caught Cub 3 taking a tumble!


Cub 4 diving into the foam blocks.

We are cramming a lot of activities into three days because Maundy Thursday is the beginning of many church services that we will be attending and participating in at the end of this week heading into Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is also Cub 1’s fifteenth birthday, which we plan to celebrate on Easter Monday. Ministry families sometimes don’t have the option of putting off a church activity.  PB obviously cannot take off Easter Sunday to celebrate Cub 1’s birthday, so we must improvise.  Thankfully, our cubs are incredibly understanding (most of the time) when our family and church calendars collide.

It’s almost 9 a.m. and I’m still in bed. (Loving it!).  No alarm clocks ALL WEEK means that I am really going to have to push myself to get up and moving in order to get 20+ miles of walking in this week.  (Not loving it!).  The struggle is real, but even as I tap away on my phone right now, I can’t help but think about cancer patients who would love to skip out on a chemo treatment, or who would love to be able to go for a walk, but don’t have the energy, or who would love to play all day with their children, but can’t. Those who still have to get up and go to work.  Those who still have to cook and clean and take care of their family members and themselves…all while battling a dreaded disease.  I’m going to get up and get moving because there are some women and men battling breast cancer who could use the funds I’m raising, and who need to see that we support and cheer for them as they are on their journey to victory.

I am about halfway toward meeting my individual walking goal for my team, Faith Walkers!  Thank you SO much to those who have given, and for those who have not, there is still time! 

If you would like to make a donation towards my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, you can do so HERE.  If you’d rather write a check, just let me know in the comments, and I’ll let you know how to that. 

Living for Him!