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Someone I Can Identify With 

Today is Sunday?! Wow, it doesn’t feel like a Sunday!

Cub 3 made this statement earlier this week, and the truth is, our Sundays haven’t really felt like our normal Sundays since Poppa Bear’s (PB) sabbatical began at the beginning of this month. We haven’t seen our church family in about three weeks, but it feels like three YEARS!!

The summer months do cause us to lose sight of what day of the week it is at times. Most of this sabbatical feels like any other summer except that PB gets to participate in all of our summer activities without having to work around his church schedule.

Like most families, we take more trips during the summer than any other time of year. When I know that we’ll be around a big crowd of people, I make sure to dress the girl cubs alike. It’s easier to pick them out in a crowd and if they were to get lost, I would be able to describe them easier (yes, that’s how the worrier’s brain works). I used to do the same with Cubs 1 and 2 until they no longer wanted to dress alike. So, Cubs 3 and 4 have many matching outfits just because of summer outings that help me to identify them as my girl cubs.

So, I’ve been thinking about this identity thing. Our identity is everything, right? We can be identified in SO many different ways – some good, some bad. I can be identified as a woman or an African American or a mama bear or a preacher’s wife or as being short or a friend, an aunt, or a sister. However THE most important one is a child of God. 

Being a part of God’s family comes with many perks because identifying with Jesus means that I am all that and a bag of salt n’ vinegar potato chips to him!! My cubs may have features and behaviors that identify them as our cubs, however our love for them doesn’t even come close to how much they are loved by our Creator as a part of his family.

He loves us…ALL of us so much!  Don’t pay any attention to the negative identities that the enemy wants us to focus on.  We are God’s children and that means…

…we are a part of God’s family; an heir.  Romans 8:16

…we are God’s masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10

…we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

…we were set apart before we were born. Jeremiah 1:5. 

…we’ve been called out of darkness (those negative identities) into His marvelous light. 1Peter 2:9

…we are forgiven. Ephesians 1:7

I love being identified with Him!

Mama Bear

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Wide Awake!

I knew better than to drink McDonald’s sweet sugary tea well past 2:00pm!  It’s 1:30am and I’m wide awake.  Let’s hope that writing this post brings about some zzz’s or Poppa Bear (PB) just might discover me nodding off in church later this morning! 

My cubs start school this week.  Cubs 3 and 4 return to school on Monday, and Cubs 1 and 2 return to school on Tuesday.  This is the first time EVER that we couldn’t participate in any Meet & Greet events since we have been out of town so much over the past month. We don’t know which teachers the girl cubs will have this year, so Monday morning is even more exciting!  I did manage to purchase school supplies that are all still sitting in bags on the dining room table and floor.  We’ll be hosting a labeling party in the dining room, if you’re interested in coming over later.  It’s no fun feeling like you’re behind before you even get started, you know?

Speaking of being behind brings me to another thought – we did absolutely nothing academic this summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.  I haven’t even had time to care about that.  Can they really fall behind that much in a couple of months?  I think not…I hope not.  We ALL needed a break!

Speaking of breaks brings me to another thought – I just remembered that we were supposed to wrap Cub 3’s broken ring finger and pinky together for two weeks and we never did! We would manage to do 2-3 days and then forget! Ha! I hope she doesn’t end up with a permanently crooked finger that somehow affects her dream of becoming a WNBA basketball player.

Speaking of dreams brings me to another thought – I should really wrap this up and try to make myself go to sleep.  Alright, right after sharing some random pictures from my photo library:

The cubs had a water balloon fight on Cub 3’s birthday.  Cub 2 had no pity on Cub 4!

We get lots of comments about how well-behaved our cubs are in church.  Well, now I have proof that that’s not always the case!

Back to school means back to Friday family movie nights! 

You might be wondering why I have a picture of our church in my photo library.  Well…I just LOVE our church family! 

Okay, one more and I’m going to sleep for real:

Yep, I’m going to work off all of this summer weight gain starting this week!  

I’m done! Good night (or morning)!

Momma Bear

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Happy Last Day of 2015!

One of the things that I like about blogging with WordPress is that they always send out a report at the end of each year about your blog page.  It’s really a bunch of stats about how many people visited the page, who commented the most, and even what part of the world readers are viewing from.  My favorite part is seeing the top five most viewed blog posts of the year.  I like going back to read about what was happening in our family that triggered a new blog post.  I thought I’d share them again since so many of us are going to spend today reflecting on this past year.  So, here’s the top five most viewed posts from 2015.  Just click on the title to read it again, or trust that my short summary tells it all! 🙂

#5 – Walking Miracles – This was written shortly after our first real allergy scare with Cub 4.  It’s a reminder that we are wonderfully made by our Creator.

#4 – It’s The Little Things – This was part of my Bear in Mind: Cubisms series.  I shared about the little things we do that we may think go unnoticed may not be the case at all.

#3 – Forgiveness: Difficult, but Necessary – Last January we had a little surprise snow fall that caught everyone off guard including our school system officials.  I talked about the importance of apologizing, yet the question of whether or not an apology is necessary in order to forgive someone still needs some research.

#2 – Who’s The Boss? – This post was all about our dear Cub 3 and discipline.  As parents, we have to stick with it!  If you take yourself seriously, they will comply.

#1 – Great Might Be Greater – This post was centered around Cub 2’s audition and interview day last January.  He wanted to go to the Performing and Visual Arts magnet school program at the time and was very nervous about the outcome.

Thank you all SO much for always stopping by and reading about what’s going on in our Party of Six.  I am excited about the possibilities to come in 2016!!  God’s plans are always the best plans!

Momma Bear