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Progress, But Not Much!

This week has been jammed pack with family time.  I knew we would have more family time this week because we are fasting from television.  What I didn’t plan for was the winter weather that kept our cubs out of school for three out of five days.  Snow days usually include lots of video games and movies, however this time things had to be different.  The first snow day  (Monday) was the hardest.  Cubs 1 and 2 complained the most.  However, by our third snow day (Friday), the cubs were getting creative and getting along better than we could’ve imagined!  They built things out of cardboard boxes on Day 2 of snow.  One box was used to make a puppet theater.  Then, on Day 3 they put on a puppet show (The Gingerbread Man) for PB and me.  

While they worked on making their puppets and story line, PB and I worked on our puzzle.  The puzzle was one of my Valentine’s Day gifts from PB.  It’s a puzzle that came with no picture as a guideline.  We are working together to figure out what it will be.  The first night that we worked on it, we managed to get the entire frame completed.  We concluded that it was going to be a map.

When we sat down together to tackle the puzzle some more while the cubs were getting their show together, I discovered that it is indeed a map that appears to be of PB’s hometown area. There are familiar names that we were able to put together like Rappahannock River, Spotsylvania, and Fredericksburg.  Hmmm.  Now I’m starting to believe that PB knows a little more about this puzzle than what he has led on.  Since, it’s a Valentine’s Day gift, I think it may turn out to be related to where we first met at Mary Washington College!  So, I’m so excited about finishing this puzzle now, but man is it difficult!  Trying to find pieces of a map with all kinds of squiggly geographical-looking lines is torture!  We spent about an hour working on it and barely made any progress.

This puzzle is how I’m feeling about my week of training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  My team captain put out a challenge to us to walk at least 10 miles this week which really is a piece of cake usually.  However, it was difficult to get motivated to exercise with no television to watch while I walked on the treadmill, and no outlet to get to the gym due to the snow and ice.  So, I’m feeling like my progress this week was pitiful and frustrating just like our puzzle.  Next week, though, is a new week with warmer weather in the forecast and I’ll be able to turn on the tv to watch “Live with Kelly and Michael” while on the treadmill!  Maybe the next time PB and I sit down together to work on our puzzle, we’ll make some progress, too!  I’m looking forward to showing you the finished puzzle one day!

If you would like to make a donation towards my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, you can do so HERE.  If you’d rather write a check, just let me know in the comments, and I’ll let you know how to that. Thank you to those who have committed to giving or have already given!  The Faith Walkers appreciate your support!

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