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Happy Last Day of 2015!

One of the things that I like about blogging with WordPress is that they always send out a report at the end of each year about your blog page.  It’s really a bunch of stats about how many people visited the page, who commented the most, and even what part of the world readers are viewing from.  My favorite part is seeing the top five most viewed blog posts of the year.  I like going back to read about what was happening in our family that triggered a new blog post.  I thought I’d share them again since so many of us are going to spend today reflecting on this past year.  So, here’s the top five most viewed posts from 2015.  Just click on the title to read it again, or trust that my short summary tells it all! 🙂

#5 – Walking Miracles – This was written shortly after our first real allergy scare with Cub 4.  It’s a reminder that we are wonderfully made by our Creator.

#4 – It’s The Little Things – This was part of my Bear in Mind: Cubisms series.  I shared about the little things we do that we may think go unnoticed may not be the case at all.

#3 – Forgiveness: Difficult, but Necessary – Last January we had a little surprise snow fall that caught everyone off guard including our school system officials.  I talked about the importance of apologizing, yet the question of whether or not an apology is necessary in order to forgive someone still needs some research.

#2 – Who’s The Boss? – This post was all about our dear Cub 3 and discipline.  As parents, we have to stick with it!  If you take yourself seriously, they will comply.

#1 – Great Might Be Greater – This post was centered around Cub 2’s audition and interview day last January.  He wanted to go to the Performing and Visual Arts magnet school program at the time and was very nervous about the outcome.

Thank you all SO much for always stopping by and reading about what’s going on in our Party of Six.  I am excited about the possibilities to come in 2016!!  God’s plans are always the best plans!

Momma Bear

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Finding Our Rhythm

I had this crazy idea that the ten hours a day I spent planning, teaching, and grading papers would somehow turn into ten hours of FREE time as a SAHMB. (Experienced stay-at-home moms…you can stop laughing now). Where did those ten hours go?!

I’m still waking up at 5:15 every morning and crawling into bed well after everyone else in the house most nights. Cub 4 and I aren’t having any problems filling our day with things to do or places to go. It just seems like the day flies by and it’s time to pick everyone up again! Our mornings have been the easiest. I’m up first, I workout, I fix breakfast, everyone gets dressed, eats breakfast, and then we do our family devotions. By the way, if you are looking for a good family devotion, we are using The One Year Devotions for Kids. It’s perfect for everyone in our family except Cub 4. Then, the rest of the day has no particular rhyme or reason until it’s time to pick everyone up from school in the afternoons.

I must confess that I am spoiling Cub 4! I mean, really spoiling her! I just can’t help it! I feel so guilty about her being home alone with no one to play with except me. When she says good-bye to her cub siblings with a weepy, “I’m gonna miss you!” (uugghhh!); you could just rip my heart out and sautee it up in a pan! It just tears me up! So, she’s been the beneficiary of little guilt gifts and outings because I want her days to be fun. If we’re going out for whatever reason, she always comes back home with something – new shoes, new jacket, new toy, candy, etc.

Scented Fingernail Polish!
Scented Fingernail Polish!
Princess Sandals!
Princess Sandals!
Fun at The Bounce House!
Fun at The Bounce House!

Well, today I signed her up for a class at My Gym. She will get to spend 2-3 days a week getting some exercise and playing with other cubs her age, and I don’t feel as bad about her being stuck with me at home.

photo (21)

photo (20)

We are slowly trying to find our new rhythm. I just hope it doesn’t take me until the end of the school year to make it work (stop laughing)!

Off and Running!

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Scheduling Scheduled Schedules

Here’s a new Party of Six confession:  We are a family that works best with schedules!

Since being free from the school schedule, we’ve freed ourselves from a bedtime schedule, breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule, playtime schedule, nighttime schedule, daytime schedule, work schedule – ALL schedules (except doctor visits and church).

It hasn’t had the results that we thought.  It’s driving the cubs CRAZY!

If we tell the cubs that we have something to do or somewhere to go, they want to know what to wear {wear whatever}, when to start getting dressed {get dressed whenever}, what time we are leaving {when we’re all ready}, how long will it take to get there {we’re going to take our time}, and what time will we be back at home {when we finish}.  They actually like having the who, what, when, where, and why for every activity!

We stay out later than normal at the playground, we don’t enforce bedtime, and we don’t wake up to an alarm clock.  It’s been wonderful for this MB who is normally the first one up in the morning, getting breakfast ready, getting everyone up, dressed, and out of the house by a certain time.  I could get used to this!!

Unfortunately, school will begin before we know it, and the schedules will be back.  I hope I’m not setting myself up for some sort of schedule-amnesia at the end of next month!  I hope the cubs don’t decide to embrace their temporary schedule-free lives by trying to make them permanent ones!  Only time will tell!

Peace and Blessings!