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My Punctuation Lesson

Cub 3 is a great reader.  Once the light switch went off last year in first grade, her reading has always been above grade level.  Each week, for homework, she brings home a passage to read to help with her reading fluency.  It’s meant to help her read with more accuracy, at an appropriate speed with correct expression.  We spend the most time working on the “with correct expression” part of the homework assignment.  Cub 3 reads a story like a robot – no expression at all.  She has to read the same passage thirteen times over the course of a week.  By the end of the week, we start battling over her expression. I have a difficult time trying to get her to pay attention to the punctuation at the end of a sentence.


There is no school today.

There is no school today?

There is no school today!

Parents and children in our county are waking up with one of these sentences on their lips.  I can honestly relate to all three of them right now.

There is no school today (period).  This sentence is just meant to confirm that the early morning phone call and text message from our county was indeed to let us know that they had cancelled school for the day.  I’ve registered it in my mind, but of course, I cannot fall back to sleep because I immediately start thinking about the next sentence.

There is no school today (question mark).  Why the question mark?  Well, we didn’t prepare for this snow storm like we prepared for the blizzard.  We were caught off guard.  So, our cubs will be waking up to no milk for their cereal and I’m pretty sure the rest of the snacks will be gone before lunch time.  Keeping the cubs fed and entertained on snow days always takes some effort.  The test will be how long can they manage until Poppa Bear (PB) can dig out a car and safely make it to a store.

There is no school today (exclamation point). Besides not having their favorite snow day snacks, I think it’ll be a good day!  I LOVE having PB and my cubs at home with me!  We will be painting and pretending and dancing and wrestling and totally making a mess of everything that is neat and tidy!


I’m starting to hear footsteps above me, which means someone is up and already searching for breakfast.  May your day be filled with periods, questions marks, and exclamation points!

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Momma Bear


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Happy Last Day of 2015!

One of the things that I like about blogging with WordPress is that they always send out a report at the end of each year about your blog page.  It’s really a bunch of stats about how many people visited the page, who commented the most, and even what part of the world readers are viewing from.  My favorite part is seeing the top five most viewed blog posts of the year.  I like going back to read about what was happening in our family that triggered a new blog post.  I thought I’d share them again since so many of us are going to spend today reflecting on this past year.  So, here’s the top five most viewed posts from 2015.  Just click on the title to read it again, or trust that my short summary tells it all! 🙂

#5 – Walking Miracles – This was written shortly after our first real allergy scare with Cub 4.  It’s a reminder that we are wonderfully made by our Creator.

#4 – It’s The Little Things – This was part of my Bear in Mind: Cubisms series.  I shared about the little things we do that we may think go unnoticed may not be the case at all.

#3 – Forgiveness: Difficult, but Necessary – Last January we had a little surprise snow fall that caught everyone off guard including our school system officials.  I talked about the importance of apologizing, yet the question of whether or not an apology is necessary in order to forgive someone still needs some research.

#2 – Who’s The Boss? – This post was all about our dear Cub 3 and discipline.  As parents, we have to stick with it!  If you take yourself seriously, they will comply.

#1 – Great Might Be Greater – This post was centered around Cub 2’s audition and interview day last January.  He wanted to go to the Performing and Visual Arts magnet school program at the time and was very nervous about the outcome.

Thank you all SO much for always stopping by and reading about what’s going on in our Party of Six.  I am excited about the possibilities to come in 2016!!  God’s plans are always the best plans!

Momma Bear

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Forgiveness: Difficult, but Necessary

Winter break is over.  I was a little sad, but I think all of the cubs were ready to go back to school.  Here’s a quick recap of God’s goodness during our break:

Although, the grandbears gave our cubs everything they requested, PB and I still managed to throw in a few surprises like a new game system for Cubs 2 and 3, a tablet for Cub 4, and Cub 3 was most excited about Juggle Bubbles!




The best part of Christmas Day is dinner!  We eat in the dining room and everyone drinks sparkling apple cider.


I think it’s safe to say that this was PB’s favorite gift this year from his parents.


Cub 2 had a once in a lifetime opportunity to play in a basketball scrimmage at the University of Maryland during halftime of their men’s basketball game.  He had so much fun and the crowd was so supportive of them!  He didn’t score any points, but the whole experience solidified his goal of attending the University of Maryland when he graduates from high school.






We also had a chance to visit the Philly cousins.  Cub 3 loves her time with her favorite cousin, so she wasn’t too happy when we announced that it was time to leave!

We’ve just wrapped up day 2 of being back in our old routine.  Although this second day back at school was one that we won’t soon forget!  Today, a little winter clipper came through our area.  What was thought to be a light dusting ended up being about 2-3 inches of snow and ice.  The county we live in was one of only a few that chose not to close schools.  It was a huge mess and a huge mistake made by the county.  It was very frustrating trying to get my cubs to school this morning.  As parents, we trust that the school system has thoroughly checked out conditions and have made the best choice for our children and their employees.  Today, was not one of those days that I felt the right choice was made.  Many of us made our dissatisfaction known.

Just last night, PB and I were discussing forgiveness.  His position is that you cannot forgive someone who has not asked for forgiveness.  My position is that you have to forgive whether they ask for it or not.

This evening the superintendent of schools released a statement.  Within the body of the statement, the superintendent said, “I am sorry that the day ultimately played out the way it did…”.  Hmmm.  He said, “I am sorry…”.  That does make it easier to forgive and move on.  However, what if there was no letter sent?  What if the county felt they did nothing wrong?  Is it really possible to forgive without a confession that someone has done something wrong to offend you?  I don’t have an answer…yet!  PB really has me thinking and needing to dive into God’s word concerning forgiveness.  I love being stretched by him!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!  Leave me a comment or something!

Living for Him!