Love These Ones!

And Whatever: The Schumann Family Blog – The more I read from Tunrade, the more I realize how much we have in common.  No wonder I love this blog so much!  Just go there and see it for yourself…I love it!

Committed to Loving – I am so excited about this new blog page from one of my new friends at church!  Tracie, along with her husband and her two adorable little girls are a family, living and loving life, with God’s directions leading them daily.

Confessions of a Not So Perfect Pastor’s Wife – I think this PW can read my mind sometimes!  Her posts are exactly what I need – be it a tap on the hand or a high five!

Here and Now – Rebecca is one of my ConnectLIVE Group (CLG) members who has a great perspective on ministry, parenting, and life in general.

Leading and Loving It – This blog has wonderful inspiration, information, and resources for Pastor’s Wives and Women in the Ministry.  I joined my first ConnectLIVE Group in the Fall of 2010 and it has been great getting to know other ladies far and near.  Leading and Loving It also hosts an awesome 3-day retreat each year for pastor’s wives and women in ministry.

Parenting Steps – This blog is by another VCG member named Jennifer.  She blogs about parenting her two sweet little boys as well as preparing for the new baby girl on the way!!  I love her stories and insight on being a parent.

The Simple Wife – I came across this blog after Joanne’s stroke, but her recovery (through the eyes of her family) has been unbelievable!

The Preacher’s Wife – This blog has so much to offer PW’s and Lisa McKay is so down-to-earth you’ll feel like you know her personally.

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