Married to a Preacher Man

I’m attempting to write for 31 days straight again…because I have absolutely nothing else going on in my life these days.  I kid.

I’m attempting to participate in the write for 31 days challenge that always takes place during the month of October.  I sure do hope you’ll stop by for a visit as I try to describe the highs and lows of being a ministry family.

Day 1: It’s Okay. You Were Pastoring.

Day 2: In Times Like These

Day 3: Separated But Together

Day 4: The Junky Season

Day 5: Good Eats!

Day 6: Fridays for Family

Day 7: Take Your Family To Work Day

Day 8: Kingdom Cubs

Day 9: Our Tribe

Day 10: Joy and Sorrow

Day 11: A Day in This Life

Day 12: Making Connections

Day 13: First Lady or Nah?

Day 14: Celebrate Good Times

Day 15: Not the Cook!

Day 16-31: November Already?!