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First Lady or Nah?

I’m not an artist, but I get to pretend that I am when I do a Paint Nite event. My first ever Paint Nite was one of my 40th birthday presents from Poppa Bear (PB). Now, four paintings later, I can truly say that I am still as pitiful as the first painting! It’s the fine details that I struggle with the most, like tree branches, legs, and birds. Ugh! My birds were horrible! All we had to do was make little V’s, but my birds wouldn’t work well together!

During Paint Nite, you find people walking around to check out each others’ progress, and one of my church sisters tried really hard to be kind in her thoughts about my birds. So, I let her know that it was okay to say what she REALLY thought. I wanted her to treat me like me – not First Lady.

So, what’s it like being married to a preacher man? You definitely get treated differently because of your husband’s position. However, at events like Paint Nite, I like to remind my church sisters that they don’t have to be so formal with me. So, my church sister, let me have it! In the kindest way that she could, she joked about my poor birds and I laughed myself to tears!

It was a great night for us all!

~ Married to a preacher man

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Making Connections

I’m getting behind again with trying to post on a daily basis for the #write31days challenge. I’m just a few minutes from Sleeplandia, but I wanted to quickly post about this beautiful, comfy and warm gift I received last Sunday.

This is a pink afghan with green trim. It is the perfect size for my side of my bed. Before Sunday, I didn’t know who the lady was. I heard that she had a gift for me, and instead of just leaving it in Poppa Bear’s (PB) office, she wanted to give it to me personally. Since I didn’t know her, someone had to take me to the sanctuary to where she was seated. When I was introduced to her, we walked out to the narthex so that she could tell me about my gift.

It turns out that I knew of her because last year she made PB a Dallas Cowboys blanket. She told me that she made my blanket because she didn’t want me to feel left out. I also learned that I do know one of her daughters. I learned that she has been ill for a long time and she makes blankets now to keep herself busy since she cannot be on-the-go anymore the way she used to (her kids get upset with her). It only took her about two weeks to make my blanket!

So, what’s it like being married to a preacher man? There are definitely more people at church who know my name than the other way around. I’m not that great at remembering the names of people at our church…unless we make a connection. I LOVE making connections! If I can hear a little bit of your story, you’re forever stamped in my mind. I still have more connections to make, but I’m slowly learning about our wonderful church family. I’m thankful that this sweet lady didn’t just drop this gift off in PB’s office. I was able to say thank you, squeeze her real tight, and make a connection that I’m going to be thankful for all winter!

~ Married to a preacher man

This is the twelfth post in a series of 31 posts about being married to a preacher. You can read them all HERE.

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Joy and Sorrow

Sunday’s service was awesome! Poppa Bear preached his face off, so my spiritual high lasted well into my nap time. After picking the girl cubs up from a sleepover, we looked forward to spending a quiet, relaxing evening at home. Right at the moment of the first good snore, we received a heartbreaking phone call that changed the course of the evening. PB had to leave to be with a family at a hospital. Soon after returning home, there was yet another heartbreaking phone call. Life for some of our church family changed in a matter of minutes.

So, what’s it like being married to a preacher man? I sometimes have to keep secrets. Well, let’s not call them secrets. I have to “hold information” either for a period of time or forever. That’s difficult for a number of reasons. I may “hold” the details of an upcoming sermon series that I’m really excited about, however I have to wait for the launch day. Or, I may “hold” heartbreaking news and have to pretend that all is well until the news is made public. It’s a burden and a blessing. A burden because carrying so much “held” information can be overwhelming, however the blessing comes from learning to take the opportunity to get a jumpstart on praying for and through some situations before they overwhelm me. Running to Jesus first is always the best thing!

~ Married to a preacher man

This is the tenth post in a series of 31 posts about being married to a preacher. You can read them all HERE.