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From Us to You!

I’m currently waiting for pizza.  I just dropped Cub 2, the last of the Cubs to get home from school, off at home with his cub siblings who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Momma Bear.  It’s going to be all the way LIVE at our house for the next ten days or so.  Therefore, I wanted to take a second to say Merry Christmas to my blog family!!

It took me some time to get into the “Christmas spirit” this year.  Perhaps it’s the unseasonably high temperatures here in Maryland.  We won’t have a white Christmas this year, but it will be wet!  

Most of our Christmas cards were mailed.  Some family and friends may end up with two cards because they weren’t all mailed on the same day and I didn’t keep track of who had already been addressed.  Others will probably receive their cards next year, which technically will not be late because they do have Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year on them!

We voted to stay away from professional pictures this year, and the images I’ve included in this post  are the result of me trying to get one decent picture for the Christmas card.  Next year, it’s back to regular cards.  

They do make me laugh, though!  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Party of Six!!  I’ll chat with you again in 2016!

Momma Bear