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It Is My Circus And They Are My Monkeys

I hope that you have enjoyed the last 31 days of cubisms!  I have enjoyed the challenge of turning the things my cubs say and do into lessons for me (and us).  If you’ve missed any of the cubisms, have no fear!  They are all listed on a separate page called Bear in Mind: Cubisms on the blog website.  I will not be writing on a daily basis moving forward, but I am making a commitment to post more frequently.  I appreciate you all for following my blog page about Our Party of Six!  

2014 – A Ninja, A Pink Power Ranger, and Doc McStuffins

We have had a full day!  Thankfully, we get an extra hour of sleep tonight.  The day began with a leadership summit at the church.  When it was over, we returned home to change into costumes with the challenge of collecting the most candy.  Our neighborhood has very little trick or treaters and not very many houses that give out candy, so we’ve resulted to going elsewhere.

2015 – Violet from The Incredibles and Sabine from Star Wars

Holidays always bring about conversations for Christians about what is okay and not okay to participate in.  Halloween, I think, is judged the most because it doesn’t have a Christian origin.  Our cubs think Halloween simply means that you dress up as a character in order to get candy.  No celebrating the dead or hiding out from evil spirits or scary superstitions.  It’s all about candy.  This year, we had a blast in fellowship with our brothers and sisters at Faith Baptist Church.  Their Trunk or Treat event is an amazing way of reaching out to the community around them.  Other holidays have been debated by Christians as well.  Like Christmas with a Santa and tree, or Easter with a bunny and baskets.  Here’s my opinion…remember from The Littles First Rule that my opinion is just that…mine, and  I’m not trying to get you to agree or disagree.

2012 – Snow White, A Pumpkin, and Bumble Bee

As parents or as a family, decide what will work for your family.  Poppa Bear (PB) and I had to decide for our Party of Six what we would do and how we would do it for all holidays that we observe.  Also, we’ve had to tweak it as our cubs have grown older.  When we were just a family of two, we used to be able to spend Thanksgiving Day traveling to see both sides of our family before returning back home all in one day.  If we tried that now, I can’t imagine that I would still be sane by the end of the day.

“Not My Circus. Not My Monkeys” is a phrase used as a reminder that something is not your problem, and whatever “it” is, is not under your control.  However, in choosing your family’s beliefs, it is your problem, and it is under your control.  So, what do you want the holidays to look like for your family?  YOU get to control that!  Do your research by digging into God’s word.  Let’s not bash other sisters and brothers for doing what you think is the wrong way to enjoy the holidays.  I just believe that Jesus would meet people where they were when he was here in human form.  Today, he would take any and every opportunity to creatively connect to others by any means necessary with friendliness, kindness and love.   Whatever you and your monkeys decide to do…”do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” Colossians 3:17 NLT

Momma Bear